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Niche Socializer for a Greener Planet

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Getting the word out about sustainability is more important now than ever before. The problem is that so many of us are financially bound during these times of economic uncertainty. The best resource on the planet is the Internet. So, on a quest for an answer to this dilemma I began searching for the best ways to accomplish the task of green education. Everywhere I looked the same thing kept popping up, Social Networking. Social Networking has taken the world by storm.

With Face Book, Friend Feed, You Tube, and Twitter dominating the free time of millions and millions of people World Wide, it occurred to me that the only thing missing was a Venue in which someone could create Niche Specific Socializing sites or specific website dedicated to Social Networking within any niche whatsoever. The problem was that I had no idea where to start or the technical skills to accomplish it. Just as I was about to abandon my quest, I discovered a new program that is about to be released that does everything I was looking for and a whole lot more. These two guys Andrew X and Steven Lee Jones Developed this software that is going to revolutionize the way people network. The days of Forums are gone soon to be replaced by Niche Socializing Sites that will dominate the internet.

Anyone interested in any niche would have the advantage of dominating that particular venue. In fact these guys have made it so easy that it is almost push button.

But what really counts is the money you can make with Niche Socializer. Andrew and Steven have built in multiple ways to monetize your site easily and quickly. For example:

You can charge your members to post their own classified ads (that module’s built-in)

You can sell your own products using the e-Commerce module.

You can use the built-in ad module to rotate ads on your pages without alienating your members.

And that’s just the start.

You’ll own each site you create with Niche Socializer, so you can do anything you want with each site, including selling them!

One person who tested the software used it to build a site that grew to a $500 per month revenue stream within 45 days. Then he turned around a sold the site for $6,000 after only 54 days. Andrew and Steven will even show you how to flip sites like that yourself.

The software is easy for anyone to use, but it’s also powerful enough to create profit-pulling sites with just a few mouse clicks. And they’ll let you try it for a month to prove that YOU can make it work for you.

What better way to get the word out about Green Living than to make money while your doing it. This system may not be for everybody, but in my opinion this is going to be the way of the future. $10,000 a month is not only achievable but probable when you follow the step by step instructions.

That’s what you call a no-lose proposition. In addition to that I found The Niche Socializer Blog. Which is not being advertised. As an incentive they are giving away a ton of free stuff as well as a rebate. This is the answer to the recession and I intend on taking full advantage of it. I would encourage you to do the same if you are as passionate about Sustainability and Making Money as I am.

They have come out with a video series which explains the program in greater detail.

Watch the Niche Socializer Videos Here




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