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Understanding Geothermal Energy

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Did you know that Geothermal energy represents one of mans earliest forms of renewable energy? That’s right, since prehistoric times man has harnessed the inert insulating R-values offered by the earth. As Contemporary man we could learn a lot from our predecessors. By living in caves, early man was protected from the harsh brutality of all the earths other surprises. Not only were they sheltered from wind, rain, snow, cold, heat, and storms, but their bunkers also gave them security from other threats and predators.

As we evolved we departed the relative security of our underground homes to dwell in the comfort of Houses, apartment buildings, and condominiums. Perhaps there weren’t enough caves to go around, or maybe people didn’t want to live in the dark. Well geothermal energy is still available and I suspect it always will be. The good news is that we don’t have to live in the dark to enjoy the many benefits of living underground.

Underground Homes, otherwise known as Earth Shelters, are truly the most energy efficient homes available today as they utilizing all of earths comforting properties. However there are many ways to harness this energy while living on top of the earth. The future of geothermal energy is now! The uses vary greatly and include large scale energy production as well as individual home energy solutions.

The process of converting oil to energy is only 50% efficient while converting geothermal to energy is 80% efficient. The potential for this form of renewable energy is absolutely enormous. Modern day applications include:

  • Heat (in the form radiant floors)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Hot water
  • Swimming Pool Heating and cooling
  • And much more!

The common misconception is that these applications can only be used in new homes. The truth is that existing homes and their systems can be retrofitted to accept geothermal applications.

Industry and business would benefit dramatically with the implementation of Geothermal Energy Practices
. Consider the food industry. There is an enormous amount of energy expended in the dehydration of food products as well as refrigeration. Industry that uses drying as a part of their manufacturing process such as lumber companies are prime candidates. Heating and cooling large commercial spaces or businesses that use an abundance of hot and cold water such as commercial laundromats would experience huge savings as well. The possibilities are endless. Home owners. CEO’s, managers and business planners alike would benefit greatly from retrofitting existing plants and operations, and those who are building for the future would see significant savings in both the short and long term.
Geothermal Energy : Renewable Energy and the Environment
Geothermal energy accounts for over 9700 megawatts of electrical energy and that number is expected to climb fast. The earth holds an estimated 42 million megawatts of attainable energy at all times. In fact Sweden has the largest geothermal system in the world and has decreased it’s dependence on fossil fuels by 70% and is on track to be free of oil energy reliance by the year 2020.

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Global warming and sustainability – carbon and energy

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http://www.globalchange.com Impact of global warming. Facts about global warming science. Controversy and arguments against global warming. Rising sea levels. Sustainability, environment, climate change, sea levels, carbon dioxide levels. Business and corporate responsibility. Reducing carbon footprint. Carbon offsetting and carbon sequestration capture technology for energy industry. Cleaner power generation and energy saving. Solar power, wind power, wave power, geothermal power. Impact on manufacturing, chemical industry, banking, transport, travel, tourism. Conference keynote speaker and Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon.

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Advantages to Living Underground

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If your ever traveling across the country side you may have the occasion to see a home built into the side of a mountain or someone parked on top of their house, it may seem odd at first but the truth is these underground homes are among the most energy efficient dwellings in the world.

There are many common misconceptions about Earth Sheltered or Underground homes. One misconception being that the homes are dark and claustrophobic. The truth is that a properly built home will have an open ended face which would have southern exposure. A dome style would have reflective light walls which disperse natural lighting to every part of the home. They often include skylights which magnify the the internal light and is referred to as co-linear. Another misconception is that interior air quality is poor due to the lack of ventilation. The implementation of Air exchange systems will demystify this myth and in fact the air quality is usually significantly better than that of a conventional building. Many people also believe that an underground home is cold. If you’ve ever lived in a home with a basement, then you would know that it stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The earth acts as an insulator and maintains a mean temperature of 55 degrees year round. This is a geothermal property that saves thousands of dollars as well as preserving an abundance of fossil fuels. In addition to these advantages, earth sheltered homes can be built into the side of a mountain or other landscapes that would otherwise be unusable therefor preserving valuable farm land. Other advantages include:

  • Incredible structural integrity making them safe from hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, fire, earth quakes and other natural disasters
  • Preserving land (you can park on the roof)
  • A significant reduction in utilities and energy costs
  • Energy Tax savings and tax incentives
  • Insect invasion is a non issue due to impenetrable shell
  • Thieves and vandals will be less likely to target these homes because of the single open wall
  • pipes will not freeze
  • Exterior maintenance is almost nonexistent

The disadvantages are few. These homes are nontraditional and must be planned with extreme caution. A leak due to improper waterproofing can be a costly fix. Removing tens of tons of earth from the roof can add up to thousands. Another disadvantage may be resale value. Due to the unconventional style, buyer might tend to shy away. finally, until these homes become a little more mainstream, the initial construction costs are slightly higher than that of a conventional style home. That being said, the long term energy savings and tax incentives far outweigh that initial expense. With the implementation of Wind and Solar Power Generators and the incorporation of geothermal energy, it is probable that the owners of underground homes will live ‘Off The Grid’ never having to pay a utility bill again. These are green homes and are a true representative of sustainability. Energy for the Future and Global Warming: Geothermal Energy: Easyread Large Edition

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GOP and Global Warming

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GOP Targets EPA Rules To Address Global Warming

by The Associated Press
January 6, 2011

House Republicans wasted no time Thursday in trying to block the Obama administration from acting to stem global warming.

On their second day in power, Republican lawmakers introduced several bills that would hamstring the Environmental Protection Agency from moving forward with regulations to reduce heat-trapping pollution from factories and other sources that they say contributes to global warming. The bills are part of an effort by House Republicans to reverse what they consider job-killing policies of the administration. The bills introduced by Reps. Ted Poe (R-TX), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), would stymie the EPA in different ways.

Poe’s measure would prohibit the EPA from using any money to implement or enforce regulations to impose a limit on global warming gases. Blackburn’s bill would change the Clean Air Act so the EPA could no longer use the law to control greenhouse gases.

A 2007 Supreme Court decision said the EPA had the authority to regulate carbon dioxide and other global warming gases under the statute.

Capito’s measure would delay for two years any effort by the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act.

In a statement, Capito called the EPA’s actions a power grab that would have devastating effects on the economy.

“Without congressional action to say otherwise, the EPA will continue to dismantle energy and manufacturing industries through regulation,” she said.

Meanwhile, a top Democrat in the Senate on environmental issues, Sen. Barbara Boxer, said Thursday she would use every tool to block the Republicans efforts and ensure that the EPA was allowed to follow the law.

A bill that would have placed a limit on heat-trapping gases died in the Senate last year, after it passed the then Democratic-led House. Boxer said there are no plans to pursue another one because there are not enough votes.

Straw Bale House

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A straw bale house in Wales

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Anti-Flag – Spaz’s House Destruction Party – Underground Network

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Anti-Flag – Spaz’s House Destruction Party – Underground Network

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mini excavator on roof of Montana Earth sheltered home February 2009

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mini excavator on roof of Montana Earth sheltered home February 2009

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River Park at Raritan Apartments, Central-North New Jersey

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Nestled on an expansive 15 acre site of historic significance, River Park at Raritan is Somerset County’s premier luxury apartment location. Imagine living along the pristine banks of the Raritan River and overlooking the Duke Estate with the convenience of being within downtown, two blocks from the New Jersey Transit and less than a 5 minute drive to the Bridgewater Commons Mall and historic downtown Somerville. River Park at Raritan offers unsurpassed amenities including a heated swimming pool, a fully equipped, state-of-the-art fitness and cardio center, an executive business center, outdoor tennis and basketball courts. Enjoy billiards in the clubhouse or relax partaking in our continental breakfast. There is also underground parking with elevator access. Rich appointments are found inside our homes with gourmet kitchens with European-style cabinetry and a full complement of appliances as well as full sized washer and dryers in each apartment home. Select from a wide array of choices and indulge in the newest high-end apartment community within the region. River Park at Raritan, where luxury and quality meets apartment living.

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Straw Bale Garden

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An easy “how-to” on the basics of beginning a straw bale garden.

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Underground House – Passive Solar – Pt. 2

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This is a passive solar home.

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